MTT was founded by Bill Shook and several Chinese Doctors. Mr. Shook is famous for bringing many international companies to China, Poland, and Vietnam for business. He has thirty years of successful international business experience and is recognized by large corporations around the world.

He worked on many medical projects with China including dental joint venture clinics, sales of dental products to Chinese hospitals, sales of respiratory equipment to China, introduction of U.S. vitamin companies and pharmaceuticals, promotions of medical and laboratory equipment in many Chinese cities, advising the SPAC (State Pharmaceutical Administration of China), consulting for the Ministry of Health China, getting Chinese Price Bureau approvals for foreign products, testing, training, medical expert delegations to and from China.

The associates at MTT have relations with many of the top hospitals and research facilities in the US.

Mr. Shook has provided international marketing and business advice to many of the top 100 companies in the world, and been involved as advisor to billions of dollars of projects internationally. He is best known for his business experience in China. Mr. Shook founded MTT to help bring new medical and pharmaceutical technologies to China and other countries. In the early 1990’s he was an assistant to the Chinese group that eventually became a $250,000,000 / year medical equipment sales company in China and became one of the most famous medical companies in China during the past twenty years. Mr. Shook was also appointed President of the Chinese Red Cross Foundation in the North American region.

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If your company wishes to enter the China market for sales of medical equipment and technologies you will have the best opportunity for fast success by using the experienced and professional network of MTT in China.